About RD Workshops

A Dietitian to Dietitian Company

RDworkshops.com was established in 2015 by Stephanie Clairmont. After years of developing live and online training events for dietitians, Stephanie saw a need in the dietetic world to empower dietitians with knowledge and specialized training in a convenient way. Stephanie also saw an opportunity to give power to dietitians with expertise in their own areas to develop workshops and advance their careers.

Our mission at RDworkshops.com is to advance the skills of dietitians, empower dietitians to share their expertise and improve professional and personal lives by creating new opportunities.

By partnering with registered dietitians who are experts in a particular area, whether through years of experience, additional training or time spent in research, RDworkshops.com will offer innovative, quality, accessible workshops, webinars and courses. Contact us today to book a meeting to discuss partnership opportunities.


Importance of Innovation

We know the field of nutrition is constantly changing, and changing quite quickly these days. We understand the need for registered dietitians to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, get credible information about new practices and treatments, and learn about advancements for your practice as soon as they are available. We believe in helping dietitians stay current by offering innovative training on the topics you need to know about today.

Providing Practical Strategies

Have you ever taken a workshop, spent time and invested money on training that you thought would be a great addition to your skill set… only to be left with some PowerPoint handouts and disappointment? We know that it takes more than information about the latest research and a few outdated case studies to equip you with the tools, skills and confidence you need to apply new information in your practice. It’s time to stop being let down by professional workshops. We believe each professional workshop, webinar or event should offer information about the latest research, strategies to implement with real clients, tools and handouts to support client education and opportunities to discuss with the program expert/facilitator and community.

World-Wide Accessibility

All workshops, webinars and events provided by RDworkshops.com will always available online. We believe in creating access to valuable, quality professional development opportunities for dietitians in all corners of the world. Whether sitting in your pajamas at home in Toronto, at your office desk in Iqaluit, out in the community in Dublin, breezing by the beach in Australia, or on vacation in Portugal, we vow to make learning possible wherever you are.

Keeping Current

As workshops are developed, the need for them continues for years. All workshops and courses on RDworkshops.com will be reviewed yearly. Changes to the original program will be made or course update workshops will be offered. We believe the information and training dietitians receive should be the most up-to-date.

Valuing the Expert

We’ve all experienced a situation personally or from a colleague when a registered dietitian has been undervalued. We at RDworkshops.com want to be a part of the solution to this problem. We are committed to provide training to help dietitians increase value as well as creating opportunities for dietitians to share their expertise. Through partnerships between expert dietitians and RDworkshops.com we will offer continuing education and professional workshops.  We believe dietitians are experts in unique and valuable areas. We believe dietitians are capable of providing incredible training opportunities and being paid well for the expertise.