This course is right for you if:


Nutrition Therapy for Eating Disorder Treatment is new territory for you

You’re worried about what to say to your client that you suspect may have an eating disorder

You suspect your client could be challenged with eating normally and you would like to gain knowledge and tools to help this client

All Dietitians, regardless of specialty, should learn more about Eating Disorder treatment and disordered eating, given the diet-centric world we live in.  As a profession, we can work towards preventing Eating Disorders by improving our understanding of risk factors and how the Disorder behaves

Get valuable counselling skills and practical application of Nutrition Therapy for Eating Disorder treatment.  With expert guidance from Shawna Melbourn, Registered Dietitian, you will gain confidence and tools to effectively help your clients.



Access all course materials for 90 days beggining May 23

Consume the material at your own pace

Complete the course within a few days or revisit the trainings several times during your course access

Conveniently access this self-study course anywhere in the world you have an internet connection

Use any device, any time of day, any day of the week!

4 LIVE Q&A CALLS scheduled: June 6 @ 12pm EST, June 21 @ 12pm EST, July 4 @ 12pm EST, July 30 @ 3pm EST

Get the tools and best practices to help your client:





  • Learn the complexities of Nutrition Therapy for Eating Disorder treatment and the psychological and emotional affects of food
  • Learn Best Practices depending on diagnosis and how your client struggles with normalized eating
  • Learn how to detect various Eating Disorders even at the early stages
  • Learn the value of specialized counseling skills when faced with eating challenges
  • Learn how to handle the difficult conversations that come up with our clients with Eating Disorders


  • 7 hours of pre-recorded bite-sized modules to watch at your convenience
  • Practical teachings that you can apply right away in your own practice
  • Case studies of tricky situations commonly encountered
  • Handouts to guide you along the process
  • Client handouts to use within your practice
  • Suggested reading list and videos to support your learning and provide to clients


  • 4 Live Q&A’s to support you as you learn and apply these skills.
  • Recordings of all live Q&A calls so you can listen at your own convenience.


Module 1: What is an Eating Disorder vs Disordered Eating in today’s world?

Module 2: The role of the Registered Dietitian and collaborating with a treatment team

Module 3: Understanding the emotional and psychological effects of Eating Disorders

Module 4: How does an Eating Disorder begin, who is at risk and how can it be prevented?

Module 5: Rolling with Resistance – what to say to someone who is struggling, and how to say it so they will hear

Module 6:  Applying Best Practices depending on your client’s nutritional state and diagnosis


Eating Disorder Psychology – Understanding the emotional and psychological effects of Eating Disorders

Learn about the emotional and psychological effects of Eating Disorders from one of the leading psychologists in Eating Disorder treatment. She is the co-founder and co-director of Anchor Psychological Services and is part of a cutting edge team of psychologists who have developed emotion-focused family therapy for eating disorders across the lifespan and emotion coaching for all parents.


Experience the Voice – What it’s like to have an Eating Disorder from the client’s perspective

Learn from several different experientials selected to help you feel what it’s like to have an Eating Disorder. The more that we understand the client’s perspective of making those terrifying changes towards recovery, the more we can help our clients thoughtfully, compassionately and effectively.

 By the end of the course, you will feel more confident to:

Know what to say and how to say it to gain your client’s trust in the face of an Eating Disorder

Detect the early signs of eating challenges

Design a meal plan that meets your client where they are at

Understand the effects of malnutrition and how it effects your client’s ability to face recovery

Play a valuable role in dismantling eating challenges to help your client begin recovery

Shawna Melbourn, RD

Shawna Melbourn has been a Registered Dietitian for close to 14 years and has dedicated her area of expertise solely to helping people heal from Eating Disorders, disordered eating and repair the relationship with food. Shawna will share her years of training, clinical experience from both hospital and private practice, and expert, practical knowledge in this very unique online course dedicated to Registered Dietitians who need to learn more about eating disorders in order to properly take care of their clients.

Shawna currently runs a private practice within Anchor Psychological Services in Ottawa, Canada along with a team of psychologists who also specialize in the treatment of Eating Disorders.

Questions About This Course? Contact Shawna:


P: 613-323-6641

See what others are saying about Shawna:

“As I was approaching the end of my dietetic internship at CHEO, Shawna instilled a shift in my approach with patients. Not only did she demonstrate strong clinical skills in nutrition & eating disorders, but Shawna exuded compassion with her patients. Her passion for helping others develop a healthy relationship with food was evident during every single patient visit. She helped her patients with mindful eating, and also taught me about the importance of mindfulness and its role in dietetics. Although my affiliation with CHEO and Shawna was short, it was an impactful experience that has shaped my practice today.”

Gabrielle, RD

“Shawna’s knowledge and experience were extremely helpful when I was building up my skills to counsel young adults with eating disorders. Her one on one coaching increased my confidence in this complex and challenging area of practice.”

Joanne, RD

“In the field of disordered eating, Shawna is a highly regarded dietitian expert. As an innately kind and empathetic practitioner, she is well-suited to working with this vulnerable population. Shawna has vast experience in eating disorder recovery and I regularly recommend her with absolute confidence.”

Charlene, RD